September 29, 2016

Aid Management Platform/AMP - A web based software for Anews_id transparency in Nepal.

MoF in coordination with AIN has organized refresher trainings on 8, 13 and 16 September 2016 at hotel Himalaya. For the purpose of anews_id transparency and anews_id predictability, Anews_id Management Platform (AMP), an online web-based information system set up in the Ministry of Finance.   All development partners have been given access to this and they are reporting anews_id information into the system regularly.  The AMP has currently been a very effective tool for the collection and dissemination of information related to foreign anews_id flows.

AMP has set a milestone for INGOs contributions in the development sector.  MoF is able to highlight an analytical view of INGOs contribution in the overall development of the country through the publication of Development Cooperation Report/DCR.  To ensure accountability, transparency and anews_id effectiveness for Gender Equality and Women's empowerment is a part of Gender Responsive Budget of AMP.


MoF has encouraged all the INGOs must associated with AMP and fill their disbursement in every six months accurately.  Same as AIN is strongly in support to emphasize our members to follow AMP as per the schedule of MoF.  As usual MoF is in the process to publish Development Cooperation Report/DCR for the period of 2015/2016.   Hence all the AIN members are requested to fill their actual disbursement accordingly that will be reflected in DCR.

MoF contact descrips for any technical support:

·         Shyam Ghimire  (,  4211307

·         Bisesh Pradhan(, 4211356

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