September 08, 2017

Adopting climate friendly techniques to empower lives

Adopting climate friendly techniques to empower lives
Drastic changes in rainfall patterns due to unstable climatic conditions have been making huge negative impacts on the country’s agriculture, which dominates the national economy with 34.7 percent contribution to GDP. Climate change has not only been hampering growth and quality of crops but also livestock health and pest control among other aspects of farming. Despite a huge dependency on agriculture, most of the arable lands in Nepal are destroyed by persistent inundation during monsoon every year. The recent floods trigged by incessant downpour that killed scores of people across the country along with causing massive destruction of properties including agricultural produces is another bitter example of this scenario. When land is rendered unsuitable for plantation of crops for this very reason, an alternative like fish farming can be a sustainable as well as lucrative means of livelihood, which has been proven by the support of DanChurdAid to the flood affected communities in the country’s far-west regions.........

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